Windows and doors


Choose quality windows that offer energy-savings and sound reduction!

Looking for high-quality windows with thermal or sound insulation capabilities, or top-of-the-line glass for a passive house? Quality windows provide living comfort as well as energy savings – investing in quality saves you money in the long term.

Klaasmerk uses window profile systems developed by recognised German manufacturers SCHÜCO and PROFINE. The two differ in their selection of profiles, window design options, regional brand awareness, and price range.

We have been using SCHÜCO profiles for manufacturing windows in Estonia since 1993. Profine has been available in Estonia for around ten years.

  • We offer high-quality sound-insulating windows.
  • And excellent thermally insulated solutions.
  • We provide custom solutions cut to your precise specifications.

Our window frame depths range from 70 to 88 mm. The choice depends on the location of use of the windows as well as the thermal and sound insulation and security requirements. Profile prices vary depending on frame depth, and the colour systems available vary between systems.

Our specialists will help you select, assemble, and install the best windows for you. Before submitting a quote we will ask you a number of clarifying questions to identify your exact needs and options, and will also assist you with any minor details and additional issues.

Experts in window sales and installation – Klaasmerk!

Examples of completed projects: