Insulating glass units


What is an insulating glass unit?

An insulating glass unit (IGU) consists of two or more panes of glass (triple-glazed units are used increasingly widely), spacer bars, and an air- or gas-filled intermediate space. Insulating glass units can be made using different types and combinations of glass according to the customer’s needs and wishes. Options include safety glass, solar heat reflective glass, energy-saving glass, tinted glass, etc.

The spacer bars of insulating glass units have historically primarily been made from aluminium, or sometimes galvanised and stainless steel. However, nowadays, other materials (Thermix, Swisspacer, Tps, Truseal, etc.) with better anti-thermal bridge properties are gaining popularity.

Where can I use insulating glass units?

Insulating glass units can be used in practically all façades and windows.

Technical details

Insulating glass units are pressed together using butyl applied to the edges of the spacer bars; all spacer corners are bent and edge joints are filled with polyurethane or polysulphide sealant. The spacer bar is filled with a desiccant, which absorbs any moisture trapped between the panes during the manufacturing of the unit.

Spacer bar widths range between 6 and 24 mm. In double-pane insulating glass units we recommend using energy-saving glass and argon gas. In this case, the optimum pane spacer width is 15–16 mm.

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