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What are sliding doors?

Sliding doors are doors that can be used as a sliding system made to the precise dimensions specified by the customer. There are two types of sliding systems available: framed systems and all-glass systems.

Our sliding doors are made with high-quality and stylish steel and aluminium profiles produced by the Canadian manufacturing group KOMANDOR. Profiles are available in a variety of colours: white, black, bronze, aluminium, cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, beech, etc.

To add uniqueness to your interior, the doors can be fitted with various coloured mirrors, melamine boards, or translucent glass. All of these materials can also be printed with patterns or images selected by the customer. Using divider bars, the doors can be divided vertically into sections of, for example, 1/3 melamine board and 2/3 mirror surfaces.

All-glass sliding systems are frameless: the glass is “suspended” and the result is a cleaner, minimalist appearance. All-glass sliding systems are well suited for use in, for example, partition doors.

Where can I use sliding doors?

  • Steel profile sliding doors are commonly used in cupboards and wardrobes.
  • Aluminium profile sliding doors are additionally used in a variety of room partition doors and structures.
  • All-glass sliding doors are excellent for use in, for example, partition doors.

Technical details

All sliding systems are made in accordance with the customer’s specifications. Maximum dimensions are: height 2,800 mm, width 5,500 mm, aluminium profile 5,000 mm. The maximum recommended width of a single door is 1,200 mm and number of doors up to 6.

To request a quote, contact us by phone at 659 9252 or fill out the price enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Liuguksed Komandor


Liuguksed Komandor