Tremfil is a single-component acrylic sealant for filling joints and cracks in indoor areas.

General properties

  • Can be painted over with alkyd and emulsion paints.
  • Water-based, nearly odourless.
  • Good adhesion to most construction materials.
  • No need for priming.
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation

Intended for:

  • Filling cracks and joints in indoor areas.
  • Filling cracks in wooden and plaster surfaces.
  • Filling perimeter joints of wooden and metal doors installed in concrete or brick structures.

Tremfil is not recommended for use in:

  • very humid conditions;
  • areas where there is a risk of abrasion or physical loading;
  • outdoor areas, as the material is sensitive to humidity when fresh;
  • contact with bitumen-based materials.


  • White


  • 310 ml cartridge (12 per carton)
  • 550 ml sausage (12 per carton)

Properties (typical values)

  • Specific gravity: 1.60
  • Skinning time (+23 °C, 50% RH): 15 min
  • Full cure time (+23 °C, 50% RH): 3–4 days
  • Shrinkage: approx. 15%
  • Service temperature range: -20 °C to +75 °C
  • Movement capability: ± 12.5%