Tremcoveral is a single-component, elastic, rubber bitumen based, jointing and sealing compound that forms an elastic and watertight seal on bitumen surfaces.

General properties

  • Excellent adhesion to bitumen-based construction materials.
  • Excellent resistance to water, including standing water.
  • Wide service temperature range, retains elasticity even at low temperatures.
  • Single-component – easy to use.

Tremcoveral is intended for use in:

  • roofing sheet joints,
  • corner joints of coatings,
  • rubberoid and asphalt joints and repair.

Tremcoveral is not recommended for use in:

  • areas with high movement capability,
  • areas where there is a risk of exposure to solvents,
  • direct contact with styrox (polystyrene, EPS).


  • Black


  • 310 ml cartridge (25 per carton)
  • 5-litre container

Properties (typical values)

  • Curing time (25 °C): 3 mm: 2 days
  • Elongation (3 mm layer, 25 °C): 700%
  • Elastic recovery: 90%