Glass profile walls


Glass profile walls, or Profilit, is the perfect choice when You need large, solid transparent glass walls without undesired bearing structures.
Profilit allows to erect large, solid glass surfaces without compromising the wind resistance or heat and noise insulation.
The system consists of glass panels made of patterned glass and grooved U-profiles and supporting profiles made of plastic and aluminium. Different colours of the RAL system can be chosen.
Glass panels are aligned vertically side by side, forming single or double glazed units with the desired length.
The standard version of glass panels is of greenish-tinted patterned glass. The panels can be coated with a layer of metal dioxide for increased U value or with the surface coating Antisol for increased sun protection.
The product range includes three standard widths: 25 mm, 32 mm and 50 mm, with glass thickness of 6 mm and groove height of 41 mm.