Custom window shapes and solutions


We offer a variety of custom solutions and specialised products. The solutions and dimensions listed on our website are neither set in stone nor necessarily the pinnacle of design. Many products can be tailored to the customer’s needs and delivered as a custom order.

AS Klaasmerk provides its products in both custom shapes and sizes, according to the customer’s needs and imagination.

We manufacture single- and multi-part openable and non-openable plastic windows (insulating glass units) in the following forms:

  • so-called regular rectangular windows,
  • triangular windows,
  • round windows,
  • arched windows,
  • balcony doors,
  • exterior doors,
  • sliding doors.

Glass surfaces can be divided into sections in three ways:

  1. Decorative stick-on grilles (Fig. 2)
    1. 25 mm, 36 mm, 45 mm, 70 mm.
    2. Decorative stick-on grilles are visually attractive, but impractical with regard to window cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Integrated grilles (Fig. 3)
    1. 25 mm
    2. White and brown
  3. Pass-through grilles (Fig. 1)
    1. 70 mm, 88 mm

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