Clear float glass


What is clear float glass?

Regular or float glass is the most traditional type of window glass, which is made from sand, soda, and lime. It is also supplemented with small amounts of iron, magnesium, aluminium, powdered glass, and binding agents to ensure the homogeneity of the molten glass.

Clear float glass is transparent and uniform in thickness, with an even fire-polished surface.

Where can I use clear float glass?

Clear float glass can be used in a wide variety of products, including windows, furniture, automobiles, electronics, etc. Float glass is mainly used for glazing windows, doors, façades, and roofs. Clear float glass can be coated, toughened, laminated, silk-screen printed, stove-enamelled, curved, and silvered (mirrors).

Technical details

Float glass is produced in panes sized 3.21 × 6.0 m and a thickness of 3–19 mm. The thickness of construction glass generally falls between 3 and 12 mm.