Photo glass or digitally printed glass


Digitally printed glass splashbacks for kitchens starting from €120/m².

Price includes: 4 mm clear toughened glass, polished edges + digital printing 

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What is photo glass or digitally printed glass?

Photo glass is a type of glass that has been decorated with a photo or pattern using a nanotechnological printer. Decorative printed designs can be ordered for glass, mirrors, and other flat materials, such as plastic, wood, metal, textiles, etc. Digitally printed glass or photo glass offers a multitude of interesting opportunities for use in interior design and building envelopes.

Customers can send in personally selected patterns or images for printing. Alternatively, you may choose an image from our photo library or purchase one from a paid stock image collection, for example,

Where can I use photo glass?

Photo glass or digitally printed glass allows you to create spectacular designs for kitchens, interiors, and exterior façades. Digitally printed glass is most commonly used in partition walls, kitchen splashbacks, balcony and staircase barriers, furniture glazing, shower enclosure, interior design elements, sliding doors, mirrors, and even complete façade solutions.

Technical details

Our nanotechnological printer creates a very sharp image with a resolution of up to 1,440 dpi. The maximum available print size is 1,850 x 3,000 mm.

We offer the following solutions for printing on glass or mirrors:

translucent print – the image is perceptible, but without a base coat, leaving the glass transparent;
back-painted print – the background of the printed image is painted over, leaving the glass opaque and highlighting the image;
LED-illuminated print – the edges of the product are fitted with LED strip lights, which highlight the printed pattern and create a beautiful glow of light. Well suited for barriers and logos;
lacquer print on translucent glass – a bright paint is applied to translucent glass to make the print transparent on the glass. Creates an interesting combination of matte and lacquered surfaces.

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