Structural glazing



What is structural glazing?

Structural glazing is the construction of all-glass façades using insulating glass units and single panes, which are anchored to the structure without glazing beads. This makes it possible to create “clean” large-scale glass façades that are free of the glazing beads typically used in insulating glass units. The glass is bonded with silicone to a load-bearing structure which is also fixed mechanically. All exterior panes in structural glazing should be safety glass.

Where can I use structural glazing?

Structural glazing is suitable for large glass façades, glass high-rise buildings, and other glass buildings where the conventional glazing beads of insulating glass units are undesirable.

Technical details

Structural glazing places significant demands on the properties of the jointing materials – for example, the edge joints of the insulating glass units must be UV-resistant. All jointing materials must be chemically compatible.

All glazing must be installed according to the instructions provided by the manufacturers of the structural, adhesive, and jointing materials.

Completed projects: