User and maintenance guide for plastic windows with Maco metal fittings


Recommendations for users

  • Your windows (or balcony doors) are equipped with high-quality tilt & turn fittings that offer high levels of convenience and ease of use. In spite of this, users are recommended to read this guide carefully and follow our instructions for use. For your safety, please also read any safety instructions carefully.
  • Keep this guide for future reference and be sure to inform other users of the contents.
  • Check whether the window is fitted with a handling label.
  • To ensure the long life of your windows, please follow the maintenance instructions.


Constant ventilation position.
Open position – only for short-term ventilation or for cleaning the glass.
Do not leave the sash unguarded in this position.
Closed position – for leaving the room or stopping ventilation.

Micro-ventilation position.


To ensure the functioning of the tilt & turn fittings of your windows or balcony doors, it is necessary to carry out the following maintenance procedures annually.
• Visually check the hinges for excessive wear.
• If necessary, lubricate all moving parts and fixings of the tilt & turn fittings.
• Use only non-corrosive cleaning and care products.


These maintenance requirements also apply to window types not listed separately in this guide (e.g., tilt & turn windows, turn windows, and kip windows).


Safety instructions

Avoid getting your fingers caught in the window.

Risk of falling out.

Risk of injury due to sudden gusts.
Do not place additional weights on the sash.

Do not force the sash past the opening angle.

Before closing the window, ensure that there are no foreign objects between the sash and the frame.


General recommendations for window users

A quality window is capable of so much more than simply letting in air and light:
it is a design element as well as a structural detail with high technical requirements.


In addition to the maintenance of fittings, users are advised to regularly check the condition of the window surface, glass, and seals, and to eliminate any faults immediately.


For cleaning, use only soap water; do not use corrosive cleaning agents.


Window adjustments

All adjustments must be carried out by the window manufacturer.
Adjusting the level fixer: 
loosen the screw with a Torx T15 key, adjust the height, then retighten the screw.
Adjusting the position of the sash at the top hinge: 4 mm hex key.


Adjusting the closing force of the upper edge of the sash at the upper arm:
4 mm hex key.

Adjustment at the lower hinge: horizontally and vertically with a 4 mm hex key.

Adjusting the closing force at the lower hinge:
Torx T20 key.


For window manufacturers and fitters:

Window manufacturers and fitters must consider the following instructions during window assembly.

Sash removal and installation:


When purchasing windows or balcony doors, we recommend using only the services of qualified window and door fitters.