LivIng 82 AS and LivIng 82 MD windows


What are LivIng 82 AS and LivIng 82 MD windows and where can I use them?

LivIng 82 profile systems for windows and doors are designed for buildings with high thermal and sound insulation requirements. The windows are also perfectly suitable for all types of new buildings.

For custom structures, we have a number of expansion and static profiles and custom profile solutions available. We offer a wide selection of colours for window profiles – for the best and most accurate picture, come visit Klaasmerk’s office (see location here).

This series of windows and doors is available with double and triple gaskets.

System specifications

  • Frame depth: 82 mm
  • Frame height: 70 mm
  • Total height of frame and sash: 120 mm
  • Suitable for insulating glass unit of up to 52 mm
  • 7-chamber profile with reinforced middle chamber
  • Profile Uf = 0.96–1.0 W/m2
  • Uw value for standard-sized 1.23 × 1.48 window: LivIng AS up to 0.78 W/m2, LivIng MD 0.75 W/m2
  • Fitted with up to three gaskets
  • This system is also available for sliding doors – see here for details.


LivIng 82 standard windows meet the following requirements:

  • air permeability according to EVS-EN 12207 – class 4;
  • watertightness according to EVS-EN 12208 – class 9A;
  • resistance to wind load according to EVS-EN 12210 – Class C5/B5.

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