MACO metal fittings


MACO fittings are manufactured in Austria and MACO MultiMatic is the next generation of MACO tilt & turn fittings. It is characterised by:

  • uncompromising design in both the hidden and visible details of the fitting;
  • excellent durability;
  • security that is easy to increase where necessary;
  • tight window closure, which helps save energy;
  • extreme reliability. Windows can also be fitted with concealed hinges, in which case the fittings are installed between the frame and sash, making them invisible from inside the room. Concealed hinges also make it easier to carry out finishing work on the window reveals.

Klaasmerk provides custom solutions with MACO fittings, including: 

  • tilt-open sliding systems and sliding doors– MACO RAIL-SYSTEMS;
  • exterior and terrace doors – MACO PROTECT;
  • highly corrosion-resistant fittings – MACO TRICOAT.

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