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What is mirror glass?

Mirror glass or simply a “mirror” consists of regular float glass and multiple coating layers. The first layer is silver, which grants the glass a high reflectivity; the silver layer is covered with one or more protective layers.

Our mirrors are made using a new and environment-friendly method without copper and tin.

Mirror glass is available in several colours: clear, green, bronze, grey, blue, and antique.

Where can I use mirror glass?

Mirrors are generally used indoors. Bonding two mirror surfaces together through lamination or gluing safety film to the back of a mirror yields a safety mirror that can be used in mirror doors, bathrooms, swimming facilities, etc.

Technical details

Mirror thicknesses vary between 3 and 6 mm depending on the colour. Mirrors are cut to size according to the customer’s specifications and wishes; we do not offer pre-made mirrors. We also manufacture mirror walls and large mirrors.