Window condensation


Condensation between the panes of an insulating glass unit

Condensation between the panes of an insulating glass unit is caused by a failure of the seal of the unit. Even if the issue only occurs in cold weather, you can be sure that the culprit is a lack of seal.

Condensation on the inside of the window

A certain amount of moisture is generated through daily activities in every living space. This moisture stems, for example, from saunas, washrooms, doing the laundry, preparing food, using a gas cooker, doing the dishes, cleaning, house plants, candles, residents, etc. As a rule, the warmer the room, the damper the air. Water primarily condensates on colder and smoother surfaces. Generally, the coldest indoor surfaces tend to be the windows. The lower the U-value of the window unit, the lower the heat of the interior pane. This is why the first droplets of condensation water usually form on the surface of the interior pane.

Since the process of condensation follows the rules of physics, preventing it completely is not possible in some living environments.

However, by selecting a window unit with a good U-value and other quality structural solutions, condensation and the consequent damage to the lower parts of the window can be minimised.

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