Frosted glass


What is frosted or translucent glass?

Frosted glass is a type of translucent, opaque glass that is either sand-blasted or given a satin finish to offer privacy.

Satin glass is chemically frosted glass with a particularly high and uniform light transmittance (LT approx. 82–85%). This makes it ideal for use in partition walls and other places where privacy is needed without sacrificing light. The surface of satin glass is more highly finished than that of sand-blasted glass and thus easier to handle.

Sand-blasted glass is glass that is frosted using the natural method of sand-blasting. Using various templates, sand-blasting enables the glass to be decorated with a variety patterns. However, sand-blasted surfaces are difficult to clean, which is why it is recommended to coat them with Teflon or use them for the inner glass surface in an insulating glass unit.

Where can I use frosted glass?

Frosted glass is generally used in interior design, for example, in partition walls or shower enclosures.

Technical details

Satin glass can be toughened. Satin glass can be produced in a variety of colours; sand-blasting can be used for frosting different types of glass.

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Satin glass