Warranty terms for PVC windows

  1. Unless indicated otherwise in the contract, windows are granted a warranty of 2 (two) years in accordance with the Law of Obligations Act. The warranty period shall begin upon transfer of the product to the buyer (acceptance of the complete work by the buyer). Repairing of the product during the warranty period shall not extend the original warranty period. Window quality shall be assessed on the basis of the product manufacturing guide and warranty document compiled by SCHÜCO International KG as well as the architectural glass and IGU element quality assessment guidelines approved by the IGU manufacturer.
  2. The warranty shall be valid only if the window is used and maintained as intended (in accordance with the user and maintenance guide) and if the warrantee can provide proof of purchase, and shall cover:
  • the chemical resistance, colour-fastness, and light- and weatherproofness of the PVC material;
  • the weatherproofness of the window seals;
  • the functionality of the fittings (e.g., handles, hinges, locks);
  • the non-breakage of the window corner welds;
  • the watertightness of the window;
  • the impermeability to dust and moisture of the IGU.
  1. The warranty shall not cover:
  • surface defects (e.g., scratches, dents) in the window materials, if they are caused after the transfer of the product to the buyer (customer);
  • damage caused by non-compliance with the user and maintenance guide for the plastic windows;
  • vandalism and other types of physical violence;
  • cracking and breakage of IGUs;
  • window and IGU surface defects (other defects) that are not visible in normal (natural) lighting conditions at a distance of 2 metres when viewed from an angle of 90 degrees (looking directly at the glass).
  1. AS KLAASMERK shall not be liable for heat losses, through-drafts, and non-conformities of windows caused by unauthorised removal of installation anchors or installation wedges during general construction work.
  2. The product user guide is available on the website of AS Klaasmerk.
  3. All discovered defects must be reported to the window manufacturer in writing. For all warranty- and quality-related matters, please contact AS Klaasmerk’s sales department or call the number 6599230.