Tretoshield Soffiguard


Tretoshield Soffiguard is a water-based elastic coating that protects the substrate against moisture, carbon dioxide, and pollutants.

General properties

  • Excellent water-repellent properties.
  • Provides an effective protective layer for the treated surface.
  • Prevents the penetration of carbon dioxide into the treated surface without preventing moisture from evaporating from the surface.
  • Does not generate static electricity – excellent washability.
  • Includes anti-mould agents – prevents the formation of micro-organisms.
  • Easy to use, can be applied with an atomiser.
  • Water-based, available in a variety of colours.
  • Water vapour and carbon dioxide permeability have been tested in accordance with prEN standards.

Soffiguard is designed for the protection of concrete and brick surfaces and is primarily used:

  • on façades,
  • in balcony repair work.

Limitations Soffiguard coating is not recommended for use in areas that are permanently underwater.


  • Semi-matte


  • Available in white or tinted according to colour chart.


  • 9-litre pail

Properties (typical values)

  • Drying time (above +15 °C at RH below 70%): 2–4 hours
  • Solids: 46%
  • Carbon dioxide diffusion resistance (prEN1504: Part 2:2000): 2,616 m
  • Water vapour permeability (BS EN ISO 7783-2:1999): 12.2 g/m² per day
  • Water vapour diffusion resistance (prEN1504: Part 2:2000): 1.77 m
  • Weather resistance test (QUV-B): no change was observed after 4,000 h