Glasses- Insulating glass units


We provide all types of construction glass and interior design glass.
We sell glass, mirrors and glass accessories.

– Glass insulating units are also available with various types of selective and low-emission glass. We have over 20 years of experience with manufacturing of glass insulating units, the quality is further ensured by the FI standard.
– Other thicknesses of float glass: 2–19 mm, also available as tinted (thickness 4–10 mm).
– Special glass types, e.g. self-cleaning, with electric heating, fire glass etc.
– Tempered and laminated safety glass, various colour alternatives for glass and foil.
– Patterned glass and mirrors for interior design (also available as tinted).
– We can also provide various methods of grinding and treatment of glass:
* grinding of edges (straight or curved surface),
* facet grinding, width up to 50 mm, also curved surfaces (maximum width 30 mm),
* CNC processing unit for glass (for processing recesses and grooves and boring holes).