Post-glazing defects


The glass manufacturer/processor shall not be liable for glass defects (clear float glass, insulating glass unit, laminated glass, toughened glass, etc.) caused after the installation of the glass. Glass defects that are outside the control of the glass manufacturer/processor include:

  • careless handling and storage at the window factory;
  • careless delivery to the construction site;
  • careless or improper handling at the construction site;
  • window deformation during installation or the shifting of the building;
  • point load at the edge of the glass;
  • impact or slamming of the window against the window stop or child lock;
  • defects that have arisen during the installation of louvres;
  • framing defects caused by nails;
  • abnormal overheating of the glass due to louvres or use of an inappropriate glazing structure in combined windows;
  • large temperature changes due to heavy shadows;
  • Excessively tight framing in the window structure;
  • non-compliance with aircraft noise level restrictions;
  • vibrations caused by heavy trucks, blasting, etc.;
  • full or partial covering of an insulating glass unit with films, aluminium foil, tape, stickers, etc.;
  • transport or storage in a horizontal position. Glass should always be kept upright during transport, storage, and moving.

In the case of damage provably caused by a manufacturing error, the liability shall rest with the manufacturer or processor of the glass.