Energy-saving glass


What is energy-saving glass?

Energy-saving glass or soft-coat Low-E glass is a type of clear glass with a spectrally selective coating which allows short-wave solar radiation in, while reflecting long-wave radiation. Effectively, this means that solar heat is let in, while indoor heat is prevented from escaping through the glass.

The spectrally selective surface of the glass is nearly as neutral and clear as clear float glass, and of the two types of spectrally selective glass, soft-coat glass offers the higher light transmittance.

Where can I use energy-saving glass?

Energy-saving glass is suitable for all glass façades and windows. However, the spectrally selective surface is “soft”, which makes it susceptible to damage and means it can only be used in insulating glass units.

Technical details

Energy-saving glass comes in thicknesses of 4 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm. Energy-saving glass can also be laminated and toughened.

Examples of completed projects:

Energiasäästuklaasid, klaaspakett

Energiasäästuklaasid, klaaspaketid

Energiasäästuklaasid, klaaspaketid

Energiasäästuklaasid, klaaspaketid


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