Extra-clear glass


What is extra-clear glass?

Where regular (float) glass has a slight green tint due to its iron oxide content, extra-clear glass has an extra-low iron content, making the glass fully transparent and completely colourless. This gives extra-clear glass a higher light transmittance, although with the downside of considerably higher UV transmittance. However, UV transmittance can be reduced through lamination.

Where can I use extra-clear glass?

Extra-clear glass is suitable for applications which require perfect glass and abundant light, such as jewellery stores, eyeglass stores, home appliances, glass display cases, and certain types of back-painted glass where colour permanence is essential.

Technical details

Extra-clear glass comes in thicknesses of 4–15 mm. 4 mm glass has a light transmittance of 1%, while for 15 mm glass this is 4%. The UV transmittance of our thinnest (4 mm) clear glass is 82%, while for clear float glass it is only 69%.

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