Mounting hardware


The right tools give you a multitude of options for installing and fixing glass and mirrors to walls, floors, or ceilings.

We offer the following mounting accessories:

J-mouldings (white and aluminium) for mounting mirrors to the wall. This makes it easy to both install and, later, remove your mirrors. Nowadays, however, mirrors are generally mounted to the wall using a special adhesive.

For mounting glass partition walls, doors, and barriers, a wider range of options are available:

  • 35 mm high, U-shaped aluminium framing profile for mounting 8 and 10 mm thick wall glass. This profile enables glass to be fixed from two, three, or four sides.
  • For glass doors, we offer multiple types of hinges (chrome and aluminium). This includes hinges fixable at 90 degrees, as well as standard, so-called sauna door hinges.
  • For balcony and staircase barriers, we offer three types of mounting brackets for installing 6–12 mm thick glass. The brackets can be fixed to straight walls as well as 27–33 or 48–50 mm pipes.
  • For glass shelves, we offer two sizes and types of shelf brackets (aluminium and chrome).

We also offer a variety of solutions for mounting glass stair treads and canopies.