Profiled glass walls


What are profiled glass walls?

Profiled glass walls (glass walls) are uniform glass surfaces without any unsightly bearing profiles. Glass panels are placed against each another, but support profiles are only used in the perimeter of the glass surface. This creates what is called a clean glass wall without any additional details.

The Pilkington Profilit system consists of U-shaped patterned glass panels combined with plastic and aluminium support profiles, which form an architecturally attractive whole. The Profilit system can also has excellent light transmission properties and offers high sound reduction. The base colour of the glass panels is greenish, but bluish and golden hues are also available. The contoured surface allows light in, while making the glass opaque.


Where can I use profiled glass walls?

Profiled glass walls are primarily used in hallways, ventilation shafts, public spaces, as well as partition and exterior walls. Thanks to the unique installation method of the Pilkington Profilit system, it can also be used in difficult and non-standard locations.

Technical details

We offer 6 and 7 mm thick glass in four different widths. Production length is 6 m. The maximum height of the profiled glass in the wall depends on the height of the wall as measured from the ground, the width of the profile, as well as whether the wall is single- or double-layered, and whether the building is a closed or open type structure.
Profiled glass can also be reinforced with steel wire to make it suitable for use in conditions where greater security is required.

Examples of projects we have completed: