Openability and fittings



Windows are categorised based on openability as follows:

  • Non-openable window
    • Only the frame section is glazed.
    • Used in rooms where the windows can be washed from outside and ventilation is provided by other means.
  • Non-openable sash window
    • Window with a glazed sash section.
    • No fittings.
  • Turn (side-hung) window
    • Window that opens at the left or right side.
  • Tilt window
    • Window that opens at the top.
  • Tilt & turn window
    • Changing the position of the handle enables the window to be opened at the side or at the top. Depending on the dimensions, tilt & turn windows can be provided with micro-ventilation.
  • Window with combined openability or partially openable/non-openable window.

Windows can also be fitted with window stops – contact one of our sales offices for details (see more here).


We use two fitting systems:

  • SCHÜCO VarioTec fibre-metal fittings from Germany;
  • MACO Multi-Matic metal fittings from Austria.