Back-painted glass


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What is back-painted glass?

Back-painted glass is either enamelled or coated glass, which is primarily used for glazing closed façade sections. The paint is burned onto the glass during toughening to ensure firm adhesion, and the toughening process also makes the glass resistant to thermal stresses. We offer a wide choice of colours, including standard and RAL colours.

Where can I use back-painted glass?

Back-painted glass is used for glazing or covering closed façade sections, and in thermal insulation if sufficient ventilation gaps are provided. Potential areas of application include, for example, dropped ceilings, structures, and stairs.

Technical details

Back-painted glass is always toughened and at least 6 mm thick. Enamelled glass in closed façade sections uses ceramic paint on the back of the glass. Uniform or look-alike façades are created using glass whose reflectivity and colour resembles that of window glass.

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