5 benefits of sliding doors


Sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern interior design. And it is not surprising: they are convenient, stylish, and suitable for use as both wardrobe and closet doors as well as room dividers.

  1. Space-saving – sliding doors can be opened without the need for additional floor space. They can be installed throughout the height and width of the room. Sliding doors can be designed with heights of up to 3.2 metres and widths of up to 1.8 metres. This means they can be used virtually anywhere where there is not enough room for a regular door. Sliding doors also come in more shapes than just rectangular. Door construction technology enables sliding doors to be used even under sloped ceilings – they can be installed either parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling.
  2. Customizable – sliding doors can be tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs. They can be made with various types of glass, textile, plastic, high-pressure laminate, or wood. Each side of the door can be covered with a different material (e.g., glass on one side, mirror on the other). Depending on the required level of opacity, sliding doors can be ordered with frosted, regular, or patterned decorative glass.
  3. Easy to operate – sliding doors move on special rollers in the lower rail, which makes operating the doors easy and convenient. There are different mechanisms available – some are bottom-rolling (rollers on the floor), while others are top-hung (suspended). Top-hung doors leave the floor below free; lateral movement is prevented with the help of a special concealed stay at the bottom of the door. Roller- and rail-mounted sliding doors are easy to open and close, and they will never get in your way as you go about your business in the room, regardless of the position they are in.
  4. Efficient and practical – opening sliding doors does not require any extra space, which makes them ideal for locations where floor area is at a premium: antechambers, hallways, small rooms. Using sliding doors in front of a wardrobe or storage compartment protects your clothes and other items from dust and fading. Plus, they can offer privacy by hiding the contents of your wardrobe from prying eyes. Sliding doors can also be used for dividing a room into different areas, allowing you to create, for example, a separate workspace in your living room. While this can also be achieved with partition walls, sliding doors provide a more open and flexible solution.
  5. Pleasing to the eye – in most cases, a sliding door is considerably more attractive than a regular door, and enables you to highlight various design solutions in the room. There is no lack of design options for sliding doors, and all you have to do to find a suitable solution is let your imagination fly. This means that you can furnish your home or office exactly as you imagined it.

By ordering your sliding doors from Klaasmerk, you can be sure that they are manufactured precisely according to your needs and are a perfect fit for your home or office. Submit dimensions here or, even better, call in our specialist to take the measurements and install your sliding doors once they are ready.

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