How to take measurements for ordering a new window

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Taking measurements for ordering a window is a breeze. All you need is a tape measure, a piece of paper, and to follow a few simple tips.

Before we get started, a word of caution: the following instructions only apply to requests for quotes, for which it is only necessary to know the approximate heights and widths of the windows.

Outer dimensions of the frame

Requests for quotes must include the outer dimensions of the window frame. If your measurements are slightly off and you will be ordering the windows together with installation, there is no need to worry, because the manufacturer’s expert will come and measure your windows in person before production.

Width, height, and depth of the window aperture

Whether the windows will be installed in a new or old building, i.e. a masonry wall or a wooden wall, is not important. The width of the aperture should be measured from the outside from one jamb to the other or from one side of the rendered wall to the other.

The height should be measured from the outside from the external sill to the header above the window, because the location of the external sill cannot be changed. This will give you the approximate width and height of the window. If the window is divided into sections, you should also measure the distance from the jamb to the middle of the section. Additionally, it helps to send in a photo of the old window to be replaced.

To find the depth of the internal sill, measure from the outer edge of the old window to the inner edge of the current sill, and to find the size of the external sill, add 20 mm to the depth of the current external sill.

Sections and openability

When submitting a request for a quote, it is also important to specify the openability of the windows as well as whether and how they should be divided into sections. Do not forget to include details such as colour, profile, insulating glass unit, and any desired extras, e.g., internal and external sills. Check the company’s website for any additional information that may be required, or consult Klaasmerk’s experts.

And finally, indicate whether you would also like to order installation, finishing, and disposal from the vendor.

After the vendor has re-measured the windows on site, you will be provided a new, updated quote with the corrected measurements, and only then will the order be sent to production using these measurements. In this case, subsequent liability for the accuracy of the measurements rests with the vendor.

However, if the ordered windows are installed by third-party builders, your friends or acquaintances, or someone else with window-fitting experience, you will be personally responsible for the accuracy of the measurements. That is to say, verifying the accuracy of the measurements is the duty of the window installer.

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