How are windows manufactured?


Klaasmerk windows are made from high-quality German PVC profiles, strictly adhering to stringent German window manufacturing processes. Quality is further bolstered by our highly qualified and experienced workforce. This combination ensures that the doors and windows we manufacture are of high quality and meet modern standards and requirements.

Klaasmerk windows are made using modern production technology.

In Estonia, doors and windows are primarily fitted with profile systems designed and manufactured in Germany. Windows from Polish and Turkish manufacturers are also available, and while they are generally cheaper, their level of product development and quality is low and technical capabilities limited.

In window manufacturing, AS Klaasmerk follows a fixed set of rules developed by the system manufacturers. These include fixed combinations of frames and sashes, permitted minimum and maximum dimensions, structure statics, etc. Window manufacturing rules are compiled by each system manufacturer and they can be found in the corresponding catalogues.

We are constantly seeking better solutions

The fields of window system design and window material production are constantly evolving. Klaasmerk is always at the forefront of the deployment of innovative window manufacturing materials and solutions. We design windows and offer solutions on the basis of the load requirements at the site. The rigidity and stability of our PVC profiles is ensured through the use of galvanised steel profiles. Klaasmerk uses high-quality window fitting systems (handles, locks, hinges) from Austrian and German manufacturers. Cheaper Polish- or Turkish-made fittings are also sometimes used in Estonia.

Every window must have an insulating glass unit. AS Klaasmerk manufactures its own units for windows, but also buys them from reliable manufacturers in Latvia and Lithuania.

Most manufacturers use largely the same production processes, the only difference is the level of automation of the production lines. AS Klaasmerk keeps a keen eye on the constant developments in the window market and is always looking for the best technical solutions and technological advances.

Klaasmerk is a leading manufacturer of plastic windows

For pre-production design and work drawing generation, we use dedicated software that is linked with our production planning and equipment.

All window manufacturing stages are completed by qualified specialists using special equipment.

AS Klaasmerk owes its success to continuous research and development, through which we aim to provide our customers with PVC doors and windows of the highest possible quality. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of plastic windows in all of Estonia and the Baltics. AS Klaasmerk’s outstanding work is founded on modern technology, a stable team, reliable partners, and high-quality products.