Solar control glass


What is solar control glass?

Solar control glass blocks UV radiation, light, and heat emitted by the sun to prevent damage to the interior or excessive heat build-up indoors. The required strength of the light- and heat-blocking effect can be specified by the customer.

We offer two types of solar control glass: body-tinted and surface-coated glass. The latter is also available with energy-saving solutions.

Body-tinted solar control glass is glass that is coloured throughout the mass to produce a bronze, greyish, bluish, or greenish tint, which reduces reflectivity and “traps” sunlight. The thicker the glass, the darker the hue, the lower the light transmittance, and the greater the solar energy blocking effect.

Surface-coated solar control glass combines the characteristics of solar control and energy-saving glass. It is produced by coating regular float glass with an extremely thin special coating with low emissivity. This enables the glass to let in a large portion of visible light, while protecting against solar energy. We offer a variety of neutral tones, and all surface-coated solar control glass can also be toughened and laminated.

Where can I use solar control glass?

Solar control glass is used in insulating glass units and can be combined with other types of glass, such as safety, fireproof, and sound insulation glass. Solar control glass is particularly practical in large glass façades.

Technical details

Solar control glass should always be placed in the outer layer of an insulating glass unit to provide the best solar control effect.

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