How to choose the right sliding wardrobe doors

Liuguksed Komandor

Large wardrobes often take up a whole wall, or half of it, which is why they have an important role to play in interior design.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want your wardrobe doors to be purely practical. If so, you might prefer a more modest design that blends in with the rest of the interior.

If, however, you wish your wardrobe doors to also serve as a separate, distinctive design element, then there are many options to consider, starting with the surface of the doors. For example, sliding wardrobe doors can be decorated with a wood tone finish and a mirror. Sliding doors with a wood tone finish are a great match for a separate wooden wardrobe frame. Klaasmerk offers both lighter and darker wood tones, including Aragona oak, beech, white pine, walnut, etc. Using a mirror in your sliding doors has many advantages. A full-size mirror makes it easier to pick out clothes, style your hair, and carry out any other daily activities that require a mirror. In addition, mirror surfaces fill the room with extra light and make it feel more spacious. Klaasmerk offers a variety of mirrors and glass in both frosted and clear designs.

Frosted glass is one of the trendiest choices of the past few decades. Frosted glass is translucent, which means that you get an idea of how things are laid out on the shelves without even opening the doors. This makes it easier to find what you need in today’s fast-paced world. In modern interiors, tinted or patterned glass can also offer a striking solution. These two types of glass can really make the room shine, filling it with freshness and novelty. Klaasmerk’s offers wardrobe doors in a multitude of colours and patterns, for example, decorated with squares or stripes. But these are far from your only options. With us, you can also put your creativity to work and bring your interior to life with a variety of custom shapes.

A new and exciting solution in wardrobe doors is bamboo. Bamboo-clad wardrobe doors give the room a natural and peaceful atmosphere, and bring a uniqueness of style that is suitable for both country homes and more modern interiors.

If you wish to add a bit of individuality to a room, you might also want to consider design stickers (printed on glass). Printed glass is an excellent way to liven up the interior with pictures and patterns. Klaasmerk offers design stickers in a wide range of colours and sizes. You are also free to use your own photos or patterns. See our catalogue here.

The greater the role that your wardrobe has in interior design, the more highly we recommend turning to Klaasmerk – our experienced staff can suggest options for combining different materials and assist you in finding the perfect solution. With us, your choices are unlimited and ultimately everything depends on your personal wishes and preferences.

We welcome you to Klaasmerk!