8 reasons why should prefer plastic windows


Knowing these eight reasons why you should prefer plastic windows will make choosing your new windows easier and help put your plan into action faster!

  1. Reliability

Plastic (PVC) windows have been around in Estonia for over 25 years. Half of all window buyers prefer windows made from plastic materials.

  1. Thermal performance

Customers are increasingly looking for windows that would enable them to cut down heating costs. Plastic windows are known for their excellent heat- and sound-insulating properties. The chambered design and advanced seals of the framing make plastic windows warm and airtight.

  1. Long service life

The durability of plastic windows is an established fact: the material is both UV- and weatherproof, as well as highly resistant to cold, sunlight, and rain. Plastic lasts many years!

  1. Excellent price-to-quality ratio

Plastic is also more affordable than other types of materials used in windows. The exact specifications of the windows will depend on the environment the building is in. In the case of thermal and sound insulation requirements, plastic windows can be had for a very reasonable price. Compared to other window materials, the price difference is noticeable.

Options with high thermal and sound insulation are available, too. And even these will cost you less than windows made from other materials.

  1. Wide range of options

Plastic windows can be selected on the basis of their environment, as they can be manufactured according to the customer’s measurements and imagination. They can be standard rectangular windows, triangular, round, or arched, or even used in balcony, exterior, or sliding doors. The range of surface colour options is wide and the framing can also be decorated with wood patterns.

  1. High safety and security

Plastic windows are safe to operate for adults and children alike. To avoid injuries from impacts and falls and keep out intruders, you can also have the windows fitted with safety glass and child safety locks.

  1. Ease of care

Plastic windows are low-maintenance. They do not need overpainting, will not fade, are resistant to moisture and sunlight, and require little care. For regular maintenance, it is enough to wash the framing and glazing, lubricate the seals with silicone oil, and, occasionally, clean and lubricate the fittings.

  1. Convenience

We have been installing plastic windows since 1993 and can assure you that new windows will both make your life more comfortable and save energy. Our experts will help determine your needs, bring your windows to life, and install them exactly according to your specifications!

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