6 tips on how to choose a window manufacturer


Today, window buyers have many window manufacturers to choose from. Some companies work to a high standard, others less so. It is easy for buyers to get confused, and advice on how to make the right choice can be invaluable. Choosing a window manufacturer can sometimes be as difficult as choosing new windows. That is why we have compiled these 6 tips for choosing the right window manufacturer.

  1. Time in business. When choosing a window manufacturer, find out how long they have been operating in the country. This tells you how much production experience they have, and can give you more confidence in your choice. If the manufacturer has been in business for more than 20 years, that is a definite point in their favour. It is a clear sign of quality work that cannot be achieved with just one-time customers, especially in a country as small as Estonia. Repeat customers can only be earned through good work, and it shows that the company is trusted.
  2. In Estonia, to narrow down the selection, consider whether the manufacturer is a member of the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia (EETL), and see what certificates they hold. A list of EETL members can be found here.
  3. Professional communication. Everyone likes to be listened to and to have even what may seem like the dumbest questions answered properly – several times, if necessary, and always with a smile. The more you feel like your concerns are being considered when communicating with your window manufacturer, the more prepared you may even be to forgive minor delays in production, should they arise. Communication is a powerful tool!
  4. The dependability of the workman. The working methods of the workman that is sent to measure your windows should inspire confidence. He (or she) should be wearing proper working clothes, preferably with the company’s logo, be able to answer any questions you have, and, if necessary, explain what he is doing clearly and conversationally.
  5. Prefer local manufacturers. Choosing a local manufacturer will make solving any warranty and maintenance issues much easier. The nearer the company, the higher the chance that someone you know knows someone in the company, and acquaintances can always rely on quality work.
  6. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Someone you know is sure to have had their windows replaced at some point and will know how to advise you. Listening to their advice will enable you to repeat their successes or learn from their mistakes.

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