3 mistakes to avoid when shopping for new windows

Uued aknad

Just as important as choosing high-quality windows is proper installation. Even windows with the best thermal performance can quickly become a disappointment if installation guidelines are ignored.

Who should I trust when purchasing windows?

The most important choice you can make when looking for new windows is whether to buy from the window manufacturer or a distributor. You probably want your windows to last for several decades. To make sure they do, consider who you buy from carefully. A long warranty is useless if the warranty provider is no longer in business when you need it. Take a hard look at how long the company has been active and what their customers say about them.

Production quality

Before putting any money on the table, find out what you can about the manufacturer’s technological base and experience. Modern windows are constantly getting bigger and consequently heavier. Due to this, their production requires the appropriate technology and strict quality control. If any of your production-related questions are answered vaguely or, worse yet, completely ignored, you are probably better off choosing another manufacturer.

Window selection

The selection of windows available today is wide and there are a variety of modern solutions to choose from. As such, your window manufacturer’s employees should be adequately informed. Pay attention to how well they are able to offer you new solutions based on your exact needs. For example, the functionality and ease of use of doors and windows can be enhanced by various types of fittings, concealed hinges, sliding systems, and many other special solutions. You might also want to ask whether your doors or windows will be installed using mounting brackets or with screws through the frame and why not the other way around. With mounting brackets it is important to check that the quantity and spacing of the brackets matches the manufacturer’s instructions.

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